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About Us

The Philidor Company LLP is a small design studio that works on complex, large-scale publishing projects requiring an unusually broad and often innovative skill set. (We delight in the smallest projects, too.) The partners in the company are Scott-Martin Kosofsky and Betsy Sarles, who are also partners in the life of their family. They are each other’s primary consultants, as each has their areas of expertise: Scott’s in multi-lingual typography and book development, Betsy’s in precision color reproduction and contemporary styles. Both are perfectionists, highly dedicated to craft, and very much attuned to the needs and aspirations of their clients.

    For more than three decades, Betsy and Scott worked and lived in and around Boston. In 2015, they moved to Rhinebeck, New York, a beautiful and historic town in the Hudson Valley, where they raised two excellent human children and a handful of llamas and alpacas.

    Scott works largely in two areas: books of Jewish liturgy and Bible created for the leading American rabbinical organizations and several individual synagogues, and heavily illustrated books on subjects ranging as widely as abandoned state mental hospitals to the marketing of Project Apollo (the manned lunar program) to two thousand years of the Roman capital letter.

    Betsy has served as consulting design and production director for two major art publishers: Graphique de France and, currently, Calypso Cards. For many years she’s created designs for civic institutions, political candidates, and retail establishments, both in Massachusetts and New York.

    Our work is dedicated primarily to print media. We believe in print’s emotional and mnemonic powers, and its ability to organize human thought and imagery in a concise way. We offer complete services for text editing and development, image editing and sequencing, and print production and binding, to which we bring more than four decades of experience, keeping abreast of every new technological development in press, pre-press, and binding technology. (We also work comfortably in most electronic media.)

    For a small number of books (mostly in the “illustrated books” category), we act as literary agents, which, in the publishing world, classifies us as “packagers,” meaning that we are responsible for every aspect of the book, from concept through warehouse delivery.

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