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Type Design

We design and make all of the Hebrew types we use. They are based on the best historical models, as well as on original designs, and all of them accommodate the full array of nikkudot (vowels) and te’amim (cantillation trope) as required by liturgy and Bible. Whereas the majority of recent Hebrew fonts, including those designed for Modern Hebrew, have narrowed some letters, such as nun and gimel, our fonts follow classical proportions, enabling a correct fit for all the diacritics, even in the most complex combinations, without squeezing or shifting. We are willing and able to create custom fonts for specific projects and institutions.

Hebrew Type Design by Scott-Martin Kosofsky, The Philidor Company

Click here for a video about the making of our LeBé fonts.

Click on the image above to see a specimen of our various Hebrew types. We recommend that you view it in full screen by clicking the symbol in the bottom right corner.

Latin font samples coming soon

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